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The 2nd China Information Technology Expo Came to a Successful Close in Shenzhen

May 28, 2014
Shenzhen, China

The 2nd China Information Technology Expo (CITE 2014) was successfully held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre from 10th to 12th April 2014. In the Expo, Discover ICT Dream, Share Digital Life was confirmed as the theme. The exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters which consists of 23 display zones attracted 1,500 electronic industry leaders to show more than hundred thousand products. In addition, more than hundred thousand visitors attended the expo. All above marks CITE has raised to the top of Asian information evens and become one of first-class in world information events.

The exhibition focused on the entire ICT industry chain. Form the upstream IC and high-end components, intelligent terminal), cloud computing, big data, smart city, connected vehicles and a series of industry applications are all displayed on the show, especially the eight fine galleries have attracted wide attention of the audience and the media.

Mobile Intelligent Terminal exhibition area with the industrial chain caused by 4G and Chinese commercial 4G as the theme, showed the latest and the most intelligent 4G terminals. Digital Audio-Visual exhibition area which deeply explained the Keywords—intelligent, Ultra-HD, Curved Display and large screen display demonstrated the achievement in display technology, chip, operating system Human-Computer Interaction, data processing and so on. Smart Car exhibition area showed the latest technology such as Intelligent Network Traffic System and Automatic Parking System which interpreted trend and direction of automobile intellectualization from different angles. Integrated Circuit exhibition area goes around the keywords--multi-mode, multi-frequency, multi-core showed the latest 4 G eight core LTE Chips and baseband chips and chips for smart car. In OLED exhibition area, the latest AMOLED display screen with better Color reproducibility, fast responding speed and light-weight designing was showed. 5.7-inch AMOLED screen which owns the world's highest resolution was a major bright spot in this area. Smart watch, intelligent hand rings and other popular products were exhibited in Wearable electronics exhibition area and the first GNSS single-chip solution attracted large amount attention. Ali cloud entrepreneurial innovation base, the Cloud Town which was moved to Cloud computing & Big data exhibition, presented the latest achievements in cloud computing and big data. Flat-panel display device materials exhibition showed new achievement and development of the industry by presenting the critical material such as the latest LCD, Polaroid, filter, Potoresist and essential equipment such as photoresist stripping machine CVD.

Samsung, Coolpad, ZTE, TCL, Vivo in the field of mobile intelligent terminal, MTK, Spreadtrum, MARVELL in the field of integrated circuit, SAIC Motor, BYD, WUZHOULONG Motors, Greenwheel in the field of auto car, TCL, LeTv, Changhong, Hisense, Samsung in the field of smart TV, CEC, CETC in the field of information security, Sharp, BOE, China Star Optoelectronics Technology, AUO,TIANMA, Visionox in the field of flat display, HansGP, Luxon, RiSHANG, Longood in the field of LED, Broadcom, Codoon in the field of wearable electronic, Tencent, Ali, iFLYTEK, Inspur, Hikvision, Zmodo in the field of software and the Internet, ROHDE & SCHWARZ, PANSINO, YOKOGAWA in the field of electronic test and measurement, B&K, HIBIVE in the field of lithium battery, DMEGC, SDDY, Galaxy Semiconductor, CAOE, BrightKing, UNICOMP, OuPu, Chaozhou SANHUAN, HONGFA in the field of electronic components and many other industry leaders attended the CITE2014, they fully showed the latest development trends of electronic information industry.

A large number of new products and technology were presented at the CITE2014 site. More than 3,000 pieces of new products and technologies were published and more than 100 theme activities of new product and technologies were held during the expo, mainly including: (intelligent terminal) Coolpad new mobile phone, PHILIPS smart TV, Letv super TV; (Intelligent vehicle Products) Smart car collision avoidance system from CITY Long electronic; (Smart Home Products) Constant humidity constant temperature Intelligent Energy System from CPEC; (intelligent wearable product) Smart bracelet from Codoon; (IC products and applications) electronic student id and Elderly Care Card from CETC, Secure storage SOC chip from HuaHong; (Latest display technology) OLED Track lighting from FIRSTOLITE, MOLED screen from EverDisplay Optronics; (Standard System) Chinese naked eye 3D system standardized achievement, Simple Intelligent Network Power Systems from ZMODOT; (Component Products) Lithium-ion storage battery from HIBIVE; (Software and information services) Ali cloud platform and so on. CITE2014 has become the best platform for electronic information industry to release new products and technology.

More than 30 theme conferences and 80 forums were held during CITE 2014. The topics of all forums connect with industrial hotspots closely. For instance, 2014 Global Intelligence Exposition & Geek Carnival, China Smart City Forum, 2014 Smart Home Application, Wearable and Wireless Communication Plan Display Forum, 2014 China Electronic Information Energy Saving and Environment Protection Forum, 2014 China Finance Internet Summit Forum, China Intelligent Terminal Industry Summit, Global Games Development Trends Forum, China LED Summit Forum, Electronic Information Intellectual Property Rights Summit Forum and so on. Multiple authorities such as Chinese Institute of Electronics, China's electronic information industry development institute, China electronics standardization institute, Telecommunications research institute, Software and integrated circuit promotion center, China's Internet financial work committee, Industrial information of knowledge property rights office, Td industry alliance and China's LED industry alliance undertook related theme forums. Industry leaders and specialists indicated the latest development trend of electronic information industry and received strong resonance of audience in several forums.

CITE 2014 attracted more than 300 media and more than 500 reporters attended to the expo. Web Portals such as Reuters, Washington Business Journal, Yahoo, Sina, tencent, netease, phoenix and IT vertical portals such as Among whom, silicon valley dynamic, bear online, mobile phones, China's home both released CITE2014 special report. Television and broadcast media such as CCTV, China National Radio, GDTV, SZTV, Shenzhen communication radio all gave full reports on the exhibition.