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The 2nd China Information Technology Expo
2014 CITE Innovative Product and Application Award
Please download application forms and submit application materials via the following websites.
CITE official website: www.citexpo.org
CENA website: www.cena.com.cn 

I. Selection Purpose

The 2nd China Information Technology Expo (CITE), co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Municipal Government of Shenzhen, will be held in Shenzhen in April 2014. The CITE aims to be an Asia-first and world-leading annual event of the electronic information industry with international influence.
To further improve the authority and influence of the CITE and build the CITE a wind vane of new product and application development in the international electronic information industry, commissioned by the CITE committee, China Electronic Appliance Corporation, China Electronics News Agency and Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association co-organize the selection of "2014 CITE Innovative Product and Application Award". The selection results will be released during the CITE.
II. Awards Setting
1. Award Name and Number
  2014 CITE Innovative Product and Application Gold Award (10)
  2014 CITE Innovative Product and Application Award (about 90)
2. Award Category (11 Categories, 44 Subcategories)
  Computer and peripherals: desktop, laptop, computer peripheral, and network devices
Mobile smart terminals: smart phone, tablet PC, and wearable devices
Digital audio-visual products: FPTV, sound, projector, and digital home products
Digital products: digital camera, digital video, MP3, removable storage, and mobile power
Applied electronics: vehicle electronics, Beidou application, medical electronics, smart card application, and Internet of Things application
Panel display: LCD, OLED, Touch, and 3D
LED: LED display and LED lighting
New energy: lithium battery and photovoltaic products
Basic electronics: chips, sensors, components, electronic materials, instrument and apparatus, and electronic equipment
Software product and service: software product, cloud service, Big Data application, industrial software, and industry solution
Mobile Internet application: gaming entertainment, life service, social payment, and application tool
III. Selection Conditions
Enterprises participating in 2014 CITE and related activities can apply for the 2014 CITE Innovative Product and Application Award.
1. CITE items on exhibition, first exhibited and first released products and applications will be awarded 10 points
2. Technology leadership: 30 points
(Proprietary intellectual property rights, patents authorized at home or abroad, and R&D input ratio)
3. Market competitiveness: 30 points
(Domestic and foreign market share, brand influence, and economic benefit)
4. Design novelty: 10 points
5. Function applicability: 10 points
6. Environmental advancement: 10 points
(Domestic and foreign environmental standards, qualifications, new materials, and new technology applications)
IV. Selection Process
How to Apply for the Award
1. Download application forms from specified websites.
CITE official website: www.citexpo.org or CENA website: www.cena.com.cn
2014 CITE Innovative Product and Application Award Selection Application Form has two forms: electronic and paper application materials. Paper application forms are printed from electronic application materials.
2. Fill in the application form: Fill related information in the application forms in details. Detailed materials are helpful for subsequent review, publicity and promotion.
The file type and resolution of pictures of candidate products and applications must be JPEG and 300DPI respectively.
3. Send both electronic and paper application forms to the committee secretariat by February 28, 2014.
Electronic materials are uploaded to the specified websites. Paper materials with signatures are sent to the selection secretariat.
Paper application materials should be prepared in triplicate (one original and two copies) and expressed to Zhou Xixiang of the selection secretariat.
Tel: 010-88558801 Address: F8, CCID Plaza, No.66 Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100048, PRC
2013 CITE Innovation Award Selection Review (For details, see the special at specified websites.)
Contact of the selection secretariat:
Zhou Xixiang Tel: 010-88558801 Email: zhouxx@cena.com.cn
Sun Qiang Tel: 010-88558867 Email: sunqiang@cena.com.cn
Fax: 010-88558805/19
Address: F8, CCID Plaza, No.66 Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100048, PRC